MCMS fall letter   As the Affordable Care Act kicks in we are expecting increases in those with new health insurance seeking health care. There will be questions about coverage, benefits and access for these patients. It seems that we are at the edge of a health care redesign- who does what, how we are […]

6 innovative mobile health apps that offer support for both healthcare professionals and patients to take ownership of their healthcare experience.  Gadgets and apps have become integral. Digital cameras can help us chronicle the important, and mundane, moments of our lives. Eight-track players paved the way for cassette tapes, which then moved over for CDs, […]

I hope we can do better I recently wrote to Congressman Geoff Hansen in support of Governor Snyder’s medicaid expansion proposal. Here is his response: ****** Thank you for contacting me regarding Governor Snyder’s recommendation to expand our state’s Medicaid program.  I appreciate you contacting me and providing me with an opportunity to share my thoughts on this important issue. […]

    Your Muskegon Medical Society    We would like to thank Dr. James Rice for his 2 years of service to all of us as our MMS president. He has given many hours of his time in this, as well as in his position as chief of staff  for Mercy Health Partners. He has offered his own style […]