Michigan Medicaid Expansion- House GOP Plan-


I recently wrote to Congressman Geoff Hansen in support of Governor Snyder’s medicaid expansion proposal. Here is his response:


Thank you for contacting me regarding Governor Snyder’s recommendation to expand our state’s Medicaid program.  I appreciate you contacting me and providing me with an opportunity to share my thoughts on this important issue.

Michigan’s economy is making steady upward progress, but to maintain this momentum we must continue to undertake measures that will sustain this growth.  The decision to expand this program will provide health insurance for those who need it most, while saving money and improving care for everyone. Increasing access to high quality health care will create cost-savings and allow continued investment in key drivers of our economy.

Providing more affordable care will reduce the uncompensated care costs borne by health care providers which are passed along to all Michigan residents in the form of higher insurance premiums.

While this is a federal program and not necessarily one that Michigan would have created, it is critical that we maintain control over shaping a state-specific response to this issue.  It is my hope that by taking this action, west Michigan residents will realize an environment of improved health care quality, access and affordability.

Again, thank you for contacting me. I will rely on your comments as this discussion continues.


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