Muskegon Medical Society May, 2013



Your Muskegon Medical Society

   We would like to thank Dr. James Rice for his 2 years of service to all of us as our MMS president. He has given many hours of his time in this, as well as in his position as chief of staff  for Mercy Health Partners. He has offered his own style and perspective to enliven discussion and provide new insights. And offer thanks as well to the other members of the medical society board. They represent you- so give them your feedback, your ideas, your concerns.




   Muskegon  (MMS) has 221 active members. The  Michigan medical society has traditionally been an MD organization but over the past decade has come to include many more DO-trained physicians- as we have come together through our merging  institutions, financial incentives and patient care objectives. This year the Michigan medical society elected Kenneth Almassian, DO as president. We are hoping that more of our DO colleagues will participate in the medical society.  

   We are working with LHN to include MSMS membership in its dues- this would make it less expensive and provide other forums in which to support our Muskegon physicians.





       Your 4 Muskegon medical society delegates represented you at the Michigan medical society meeting held on april 23-25 this year. A wide range of proposals were brought to a vote (90 of them this year), with serious thought and discussion (including some very enthusiastic medical students and residents- there may be hope for us!).  you can read them on the msms web site(,etc). Our representatives were active in committees and met with congressman Geoff Hansen. As much as we all feel helpless and unheard, this is at least an opportunity to influence policy.  So if you have a burning issue – speak up!

    The Michigan medical society is then represented by elected members to the AMA.


  • I have not generally felt that my own (somewhat to the left) perspective has been represented by MSMS or the AMA, and that the organization supported specialists and their agendas over primary care. At the meetings I was satisfied that there was adequate representation and discussion-  democracy is representational- but we need to show up! ( the medical students are on their way!)



   There are many unsung heroes in our community, quiet role models and community activists whom we should be celebrating  (and emulating). We will be honoring Dr j. Salisz for his work in designing and supporting the “stomacloak”- an innovative cover for stoma bags.

     The medical society supported Music for Meds- a  program to provide medications for those who can not afford them

    1 in 21 is the Muskegon health project (sponsored in part by the community foundation and rotary club).  Web site…..

   We look for other ways to support our community.



   Less time, decreasing health care dollars, more regulations, more restrictions, EHR’s, PIP’s, PGIP’s, ACO’s, CMS, etc, etc. -it becomes ever more difficult to maintain the relationships with each other that foster better patient care. We plan to continue our “meet and greets”- hoping that over time we might eventually be able to recognize each other at the farmer’s market. (or call each other over patient care issues) And we welcome suggestions for any opportunities to come together.

    LHN and MAPA are sponsoring a presentation and program to foster better physician engagement and excellence with Stephen Beeson MD on May 30 and 31..

    Our DOA organization and LHN continue to provide excellent CME programs for all of us.

    We will continue to try to improve our communication opportunities- through tools like DOXIMITY (more on that  later).





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