Fall newsletter

MCMS fall letter


As the Affordable Care Act kicks in we are expecting increases in those with new health insurance seeking health care. There will be questions about coverage, benefits and access for these patients. It seems that we are at the edge of a health care redesign- who does what, how we are compensated, how we manage the health of our community, etc.- we all need to be part of that discussion because it will impact all of us. Change makes physicians uncomfortable- we have spent many years developing hard-wired habits and rituals, expectations, and relationships. But these changes are happening- don’t be a bystander, make it better by being involved.
In Muskegon Mercy Health Partners is beginning the planning for a single, new (old) hospital, including a redesign of its processes- using Lean (toyota-style) methods. As discussion about design and process go forward there are opportunities to be heard. Be involved!
MCMS has ? members. It supports the Michigan state medical society- which includes both MD and DO physicians. Your membership fees support our secretary, some of our events, and support of the MSMS (http://www.msms.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home). The benefits to physicians include insurance, practice support, cme, public health initiatives, health care delivery, finances, etc. While I may have opinions (maybe not as informed as I think)  about all of these issues it is reassuring to me that there are experts in these areas who study and evaluate the issues- and then push for their success. By supporting the medical society we support the efforts of these individuals to watch out for us and for our patients.


Issues that will be addressed in legislation include:

–       The scope of practice for mid-levels, most specifically nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists. With the influx of new patients and a lack of primary care providers there will be a push and a need to utilize mid-level health care providers at their level of skill “at the top of their license”.

–       The Medicare reimbursement system-which is antiquated and does not fit with new incentives and requirements of health care. Their new website is http://www.FixMedicareNow.org.

–       Auto no-fault reform.

–       And there is always Tort reform.

Other Muskegon opportunities for professionalism and community:

-The Michigan state medical alliance organization, with the Muskegon county medical alliance whose mission is to work in partnerships with the MSMS and AMA to develop, implement and support educational programs that improve the public health.  (web sites-  http://msmsa.org and http://mcmsa.org. )

Their group is working on setting up a health forum in January for the public in Muskegon addressing childhood immunization, obesity and bullying with speakers.

-West Michigan Osteopathic Society

Offer educational programs as well as community support/projects and advocacy.



-Dr. Knudsen and Dr. Akinrinade will be presenting cme topic- When to refer patient with CKD to the nephrologist on !0/22 Hackley auditorium. Dinner served. RSVP to Shirley Green (sgreen1043@aol.com)

-WMOA is hosting its’ fall ½ day conference on diabetes on October 30 at Muskegon Holiday Inn from 7AM to 3 PM.

They also have monthly CME opportunities for its’ members.


-MCMSA (medical alliance) is hosting a fall barn party on Sunday Oct 20 at the Barkett’s for the entire family.

RSVP  to Kandace Boysen at klaboysen@gmail.com by Oct. 15.

-Meet and Greet at the Muskegon Country Club on Nov. 8

Please come and renew acquaintances, and make new ones. Spouses invited.


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